Understanding Location Based Digital Signage

By | July 2, 2013

What is Location Based Digital Signage?

Digital signage has become the trend these days especially when it comes to widespread advertising but some businesses still fail to see the purpose and benefit of location based digital signage. This is quite surprising actually especially when you consider that location based advertising is very simple and yet very powerful.

location based digital signage

Location Based Digital Signage Overview.

To understand what a location based digital signage is you need to first understand what software digital signage is and what these advertising displays can do. In a quick summation, a digital signage display is where a display screen (such as an LED monitor or a mere HDTV) can be used as a digital poster. You won’t be limited to the contents of one poster since the content can now be electronically altered. This allows one display to show several advertisements by allowing them several minutes each before swapping to the next ad.

Location based digital signage is where the content of the display is relative only to the area where the display is located. The best example would be an in store digital signage. You know those display kiosks that show you the basic map of the mall? Those are good examples: they only display information relative to the area where the kiosk is situated.

Location Based Digital Signage – Perfect for Local Businesses

location based digital signage

Location based digital signage is perfect for a local business. For one thing, digital signage prices are relatively cheap. You can even avail of a USB digital signage system where you just plug in the USB flash drive and it can turn any display into a digital signage kiosk.

But it goes beyond just cheap digital signage prices.

A local business needs to attract customers that physically pass by the store however it also needs to cut down on advertising costs. With location based digital signage the business can have several advertisement posters up on one kiosk alone. This is perfect to display all the information required and even encourage interaction on consumers.

One digital signage display could advertise the products and services of a business nearby. The second page could then show a specific map of where the business is located and how close it is to the display kiosk. This automatically alerts consumers and lets them know that there is a great deal just a few steps away.

The next eposter displayed could show links and interactive tags for people with smart phones and tablets. They could use these to visit the business’ official website, download promo and discount coupons, and get more information about the business’ products and services.

Since this is a location based digital signage for a local business, the information will be specifically for that area only. This means the consumers looking at the display won’t be overrun with unnecessary information.

Drawing attention and generating interest for a local business requires a strong advertising campaign. With local based digital signage this can become cheaper and yet far more effective.

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