Understanding Floor Standing Digital Posters

By | May 10, 2013

Floor Standing Digital Posters – the new ad medium?

There are numerous and profitable uses for floor standing digital posters, with various locations and situations in which these kinds of posters can be utilized, for example, there are a variety of scientific workshops, and similar events that are happening all over the world, who make effective use of digital technology. The conventional and traditional method of making a poster presentation is using a paper flip-chart, write on/wipe off board or other kinds of materials. The problem with these kinds of materials is that the posters are not made from renewable forms of energy, as there is wastage of paper and other resources. On the other hand, when the floor standing ad player is used, they do not consume a lot of the world’s precious natural resources. The use of the computer is the only consumer that is needed to make these kinds of posters. Once a slide presentation is made using the computer, the poster is ready and can be displayed using any kind of monitor. Many people use either the LCD or the LED monitor to create these kinds of posters.

floor standing digital posters

floor standing digital posters

The major advantages of the floor standing digital posters.

1. Free standing digital posters are effective: These posters are very effective because of the fact that any kind of files can be played on the posters. Other than just using slides, there are advertising agencies that use animations, dynamic graphics, video files and other captivating files that can capture the imagination of a person. So, to make the best use of the various digital advertising methods, then the use of the floor standing digital posters is the most logical and practical.

2. Floor standing digital posters can be placed anywhere: The other advantage of these posters is that they can be placed in almost any location, even with potential difficulties for installation. There are indoor locations and outdoor locations where these posters can be placed. There may be a need for the enclosure to ensure the safety of the posters, but once the enclosure is installed, then the poster can be very effective in advertising. The posters are very versatile and this adds to the effectiveness of this method of advertising.

3. The free standing ad player reaches out to many people: Many people are able to see these advertisements on the floor standing digital posters because it is at the eye level. If a video wall is used or other kinds of advertising methods are used, they are not as effective because those methods use the posters at different heights. Alternatively, the floor standing digital posters are placed at such a height that they can easily be viewed and this makes these posters very effective. There are also other kinds of advertising like the use of the interactive kiosk, advertising kiosk and digital signage kiosk. Most of these kiosks use interactive monitors that are very effective in providing the best outcome for the advertising. In these, the floor standing digital posters can be placed and the safety of the poster is also ensured because of the presence of the kiosk.

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