Understanding digital menu boards

By | October 15, 2009

Digital menu boards are one of the most cost effective ways to use digital signage to delvier dynamic content to customers.

There are two types of digital menu boards, interactive and none interactive. The none interactive menu boards are exactly what there name suggests, they consist of an LCD display up to 26″ with a built in media player that takes a memory card. All you need to do is drag and drop the content you made on your computer onto the CF card and insert it into the player, then secure the player security door and you are good to go.

You use a remote control to control the content, editing the scrolling text, increasing or decreasing sizes, editing transitions, so you have total control over the menu board.

Interactive menu boards, have several interactive parts to their screen, up to a total of 9 panels, these 9 panels are then linked to the relevant content the customer is looking for, so that it engages with the customer making their expierence more enjoyable.

Not only can they be used for menu boards, there are perfect for hotels to display images of their rooms, restaurant and prices to entice customers inside their premises. These can be dispalyed in their windows so any foot traffic can see what they have to offer and due to the unique medium this is sure to attract customers attention.