TV protection for an outdoor television

By | November 4, 2009

No matter what the make or model of television, when ever a unit is placed near water, some protection for the display is essential. No matter if it is in a factory or by your hot tub you will need protection otherwise the display will fail due to dust and water ingress.

There are two main standards for an all weather tv enclosure, these are the European standard IP65 (which is set by washing a unit with a high pressure water jet) and the US NEMA 4X, they are very similar and the specifications can be compared by following the links on our home page.

Inside the all outdoor TV cabinets should be a suitable lcd mount, so that the TV bolts directly to the frame that is attached to the enclosure to ensure a robust solution. Once the TV is in position the LCD is there until you want to remove it.

An all weather TV enclosure offers the best in TV protection even to the extent of providing vandal and theft protection through the keyed locks and the re-enforced viewing window.