TV Enclosures Tips For Success.

By | April 20, 2016

TV Enclosures – Tips For Usage.

LCD enclosures are used to protect digital signage and outdoor displays throughout the year. So learn how these can ensure your investment in the hardware is well protected.

When deciding on which LCD enclosure or outdoor display housing you intend on using you need to know some basic facts. Such as, what the outdoor housing will be used for? Is it for protection, if so what type of protection? Weather, vandalism or both? What type of hardware is going into the weatherproof LCD enclosure – is this just to be a display, display with a media player, digital LCD poster or sunlight readable display going inside?

Factors for using protective TV enclosures.

All these factors need to be addressed as all LCD enclosures are not the some, the majority are designed for backyard use, with no sophisticated heating and cooling provided – just some vents in the side of the plastic box and a packet of silica gel to absorb moisture build up whilst the LCD display is being viewed. The reason for no heater is that the material would actually melt if a heater was installed inside the plastic housing. Don’t get me wrong, these are ideal for backyard applications, however not very secure as the locks can be opened easily during any absence from the backyard with thieves only needing around 10 minutes to steal the TV. The most secure solution is to bring the TV in every time but that would be such a drag.

Security & Cooling is Key for all TV enclosures.

When these housings are used for protecting digital signage outdoors, usually the hardware costs thousands of dollars, so the security has to be up to the job otherwise the financial investment will be wasted and no business wants that! Also the secure LCD enclosures have to also provide effective cooling and heating for the hardware as the hardware is only designed for indoor use and using LCD housings reduce the investment of purchasing dedicated outdoor hardware that is normally 3 times the investment of indoor electronic signage. ProEnc offer a range of protective outdoor and indoor TV cases that tick all the boxes, with over 25 years experience of designing and manufacturing outdoor housings for electronics.

psychiatric tv enclosures

Tips to remember when using TV enclosures.

#1 LCD enclosures are not used just for physical protection, they are also used for protecting the displays from the weather.

#2 If the LCD enclosures are to be used in a backyard or outdoors make sure the location is not in direct sunlight unless the unit comes with an anti reflective window. If it is in direct sunlight any part of the day, you will be best using a special sunlight readable display.

#3 Check potential security issues, is the installation location a high risk theft area? If so, look for a secure LCD enclosure that has high security locks – do NOT use any that have cam or compression locks fitted as these are child’s play to open.

#4 Apart from the display, what else is going inside the outdoor housing?

#5 Will the LCD enclosure be used in the winter? When the temperature drops, if you do you need to consider LCD enclosures with heaters and this will discount the majority of units on the market.

We hope these tips for partnering with the right TV enclosures manufacturers gave you some points to think about.