TV enclosures for pool and hot tub locations.

By | April 27, 2012

TV enclosures also used for digital signage.

TV enclosures are being used to protect LCD and plasma screens around pools and hot tubs as well as in digital signage applications.

TV enclosures for the pool.

tv enclosures

Typical TV enclosures

People are working longer hours every week, so when the week end comes they insist on spending quality time with their family and friends, this can be from having a BBQ to watching the game on an outdoor TV. But when a TV is put outdoors it is best to protect in some kind of TV enclosure, these TV enclosures accommodate the screen behind a plexiglass viewing window that is locked with high security locks as it would be pointless in installing outdoor TV enclosures if they were locked with cam locks as these are opened with basic tools. Tip 1 – look for TV enclosures that are locked with high security locks – NOT cam locks!

Now when the family gathers in your back yard and people are chilling in the pool, they can now watch their favorite program because the TV enclosures provide the necessary outdoor protection.

TV enclosures for the hot tub.

Now by a hot tub, this is different as the heat is hotter than near a pool and the hot tub’s steam can then settle on the internal components including circuit boards and causes the circuit boards to rust. These TV enclosures are fitted with thermostatically controlled cooling units so no matter how hot is it outside the TV enclosures the internal hardware is kept at a constant lower temperature. Also in Canada during winter, outdoor TV enclosures are used so people can still enjoy their hot tub during the colder months, here an internal thermostatic heater is used, similar to the cooling unit.

TV enclosures for digital signage.

Local business owners are using outdoor TV enclosures to mount screens in near car lots and on sides of building to promote products and build brand awareness. Here the screen is mounted on the internal mounting frame for the display and the media player can be fixed to the mounting frame too – so it is an all in one solution.

We manufacture a range of outdoor LCD enclosures, these are sometimes called TV enclosures.