Turn Any Window Into Your Media Facade Platform.

By | March 1, 2013

Media Facade.

Now you can turn any glass panel in to a media facade solution, this is a new concept for businesses to generate a second stream of income when the office is closed!

media facade 3

Understanding this new technology.

This technology is very unobtrusive; it can even be used in offices that are used during the day between the hours of 8 AM and 6.00 PM or depending on daylight hours. As this technology has more impact when viewed in the dark, they can also be seen clearly during the day.

media facade

Not limited to large corporations or banking institutes, this new outdoor digital advertising hardware is extremely affordable with the added benefit of advertising space can be sold that will have an extremely fast return on the investment.

How media facade works.

The solution is made up of led panels that fit into any glass panel or window, so the solution can be custom made even. Depending upon the budget the pixel pitch varies from 10 mm to 31 mm, obviously the 10mm solution has a clearer and higher imagery definition.

The solution is designed to give 70% transparency if staff has to look out of the window, this allows for an almost uninterrupted view during the day. But if you need this solution to be viewed during the day light hours, this is still not an issue as the solution as the brightness of 6000 nits!

Installation of the media facade.

The media facade led panels mount directly to the windows, there is no need for any support structure all you need is UV glue to bond the panel to the glass and.

The glass panels are connected in a daisy chain effect and connected to a controller, this controls the adverts, how often they are played and for how long.

media facade 2

What is needed for media facade?

Any glass building or structure is the perfect medium for (media facade) this dynamic advertising solution, even in large skyscrapers, artists can put their own unique style on to a building, without showing any contextual information.

Value of the extra stream of income?

Now any business with any spare window space or partially occupied buildings can use this method of advertising and create a second income.

This can be used to market local businesses, and many organizations are taking up the opportunity to advertise. All the content is provided from the advertiser to the office management company who using an Internet connection can update the new adverts.

One management company charges $250 per month for a 3 minute ad, there have over 300 customers, every day there are 15 hours of the adverts displayed on the windows of the building. The revenue per month is $75,000, ($250 x 300), the hardware’s initial costs was $15,000 and therefore in the first month they made $60,000 profit, then in the subsequent months they made $70,000 profit per month. In a six month period they made $410,000 profit! From using offices that had not been let out, the best thing about this solution is that they can be easily moved from one floor to another when someone takes some of the office space up.

DOOH USA is a leading supplier of digital signage hardware for both indoor and outdoor applications and now they have sole exclusivity for media facade.