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By | March 4, 2012

Transit signage solutions.

Transit signage is in almost every transit hub from airports, train stations and ferry ports, discover how transit signage could benefit a business and increase their market share, whilst at the same time providing passenger information.

How transit signage helps commuters.

When ever someone commutes, they need up to the minute information if their connection for an onward journey is on time, if it is delayed or even worse cancelled! Now digital signage that is used in any transit hub can provide real time data for the commuter, down to the point of even notifying them of a change of gate at the airport or platform at the train station.

Not only is it used for passenger and commuter information, it is also used to market products and services, for example when an update is given of a delay and it is around lunch time, the digital signs can display “meal deals” for lunch from one of the vendors on site, this way the commuter’s waiting time appears to be less than it really is – this is called time warping and increases business for the food vendor.

Varieties and examples of transit signage.

transit signage

example of transit signage

One company uses 55” digital posters in portrait to market their brand of hotels in the UK, mainly at train stations, this is an ideal opportunity for passengers who have missed the last train to find some where they can stay for the night and then catch the first train the following day.

Another company but in the USA this time uses large commercial grade LG screens that are stored in stainless steel LCD enclosures, this is due to the location of the transit hub. The transit hub is near the coast and if a regular steel digital signage enclosure was used it would quickly corrode due to the sea salt in the air. Here we supplied a total of 48 stainless steel LCD enclosures for protecting the transit signage solution.

Another solution is the outdoor digital signage totem these digital signage totem units include a branded commercial screen that is in the portrait position and the content is updated with the internet. These can come in touch screen solution too to engage with customers, these are used at airports so tourists can see if their connecting flights are on time or any possible delays and if so what the know on effect it.

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