Touch Screen Digital Signage – Getting Interactive With Customers

By | June 15, 2010

One of the key things to separate you from the competition is to have some kind of Unique Selling Point (USP), this can be anything from the uniform the staff wear to a free car wash with every vehicle service. But digital signage is moving this on now to getting customers interactive.

By using touch screen displays that encourage customers to get additional information and specifications for the item they are interest in gives businesses the opportunity to sell other items to them. This could be your unique selling point.

This will certainly get your customers talking and done correctly will increase your profits. Get it wrong and it will cost you a fortune.

52" gesture recognition

The total flexible solution allows single and multiple users to use the screen, just connect the screen to a computer and using the application software be creative! These can and will replace interactive whiteboards, as they are so dynamic and eliminate the use of trying to find a working marker for the whiteboard.

Use these in digital signage for an awesome customer experience, for example Apple are looking at a similar solution for outside their stores for when they are closed, so people can still access the store and place orders and even try Aps out.

Once you get customers interacting with your advertising, they are hooked, providing the product lives up to your claims they will be your loyal customers forever.

Now interactive touch screens are here to be used and will push static printed posters to the back of every ones mind.

The only issue you have is that they are not developed enough to be used outdoors, other than using them as a through the window touch screen.

LCD Enclosure Global offer everything from digital posters, gesture recognition signage through to outdoor LCD enclosures. The range of LCD enclosure provide protection for standard commercial screens used for digital signage.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.

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