Touch Screen Digital Posters Vs. Outdoor LCD Enclosure

By | June 14, 2010

Indoor or outdoor digital signage – that has always been the question, now let us look at the most cost effective solutions on the market.

Touch Screen Digital Poster.
This is a digital poster that has a segmented touch panel in front of the screen, and this senses when a human hand touches the screen – allowing stores and businesses the facility to interact with their customers.

touch screen digital poster

This provides additional information on products or services that are offered, providing consumers with this additional information traditionally would have meant hunting out a sales assistant who actually knew about the product range. Now this is not the case, all the information can be updated to a digital poster either through the memory card, or UBS port on the internal built in media player, or through a WIFI connection on a wireless digital poster, eliminating any sales floor staff having to upload new promotions or offers. Leaving the sales floor staff to help customers with their purchasing decisions or customer service issues.

Touch screen LCD advertising screens are manufactured for indoor use as they do not have the protection needed for the weather outdoors. One company has manufactured a solution for standard non touch digital posters and this protects the display from being touched.

Outdoor LCD enclosure.
An LCD enclosure are manufactured from thick steel sheet, welded to provide a waterproof and vandal proof solution, this allows digital signage hardware to be placed outdoors in hostile or hazardous areas.

These units accommodate both the LCD screen and a media player for digital outdoor signage use or can also accommodate an LCD or plasma television and a cable or satellite box for home use.

Perfect for outside a shopping mall or in your own back yard, providing protection from the weather and vandals, these units provide protection to IP65 (European Water Ingress protection standard) and NEMA 4X (US water ingress protection standard.)

These two solutions are used for different uses: the digital poster is used for indoor digital signage and the LCD enclosure is used for outdoor digital signage use.

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