Touch screen, Bluetooth Digital Poster – Used For Way Finding

By | September 10, 2010

New to the indoor digital advertising industry is the interactive, Bluetooth digital poster that has a number of advertising and branding opportunities, we will try to highlight when these can be beneficial to any small to medium business.

This digital posters can be used to provide a way-finding solution and this is achieved by the user touching the interactive screen with their finger and selecting their destination, then once the system has provided the relevant directions the user can then request the directions to be sent using Bluetooth technology to their cell phone.

Now as a business that hosts these interactive posters, you can benefit from the revenue generated from advertisers, this can range from quick serve restaurants, designer clothes outlets and cellular providers.

Here is a brief idea on how it could work, a user may want the destination or directions to the nearest shopping mall that has a JC Penney store, so they click the screen and the directions are highlighted on the screen, displaying featured advertisers, these advertisers have paid a premium to be seen, the user may have missed breakfast and is a little hungry so they see the ad for Starbucks and see that it is near the store they want, they can also download the directions and a discount voucher if the retailer wishes to offer them to the users cell phone.

This digital poster can also be used to broadcast messages to people as they pass with their mobiles that have Bluetooth switch on, the messages broadcasted could range from a free coffee with a breakfast roll to a 15 percent discount from the Nike outlet on purchases over $50.

The main benefit of this new type of technology is the opportunity for the company who hosts the digital poster will certainly benefit financially, with a 3 minute ad costing $150 per month and a 6 minute ad as a featured advertiser costing $450 per month this is probably one of the most cost effective methods of advertising. Now consider this, the built in media player will hold around 12GB of content enough capacity for 170 advertisers with each ad costing an average $150, not bad when the hardware costs $1299 and the advertisers supply their own marketing material.

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