Top tips when looking for LCD enclosure manufacturers.

By | April 16, 2009

When you are trusting your outdoor digital signage to be protected by an LCD enclosure, you need to look for the following when selecting a partner or manufacturer.

  1. The LCD enclosure has to be something they have manufactured as a main product line, as there are too many “manufacturers” claiming to produce these units then giving a long lead time of 4 weeks – because they have never made them – surely if they were the specialists they claim they would turn these around in 2 weeks.
  2. Any manufacturer in this field should be comfortable discussing how access to the media players is gained.
  3. They should also be able to provide areas were their products have been supplied, sector type etc.
  4. The should also have supporting literature for the product range, not just email an image of a steel box in a warehouse.

If you wanted a waterproof TV enclosure, you wouldn’t go to the DIY guy on your street, would you? Well if you want your digital signage hardware protecting properly you will not!

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