Top Tips For Using Professional Grade Displays

By | September 19, 2011

Professional grade displays – Tips for success

Professional grade displays are used both indoor and outdoors for digital signage applications, and it has been found that professional grade displays are the best solution than domestic grade displays.

With the new new bill being introduced in the USA for displaying information for the food such as calorific value etc, Quick Serve Restaurants and franchisee owners have been purchasing regular domestic grade displays instead of the professional grade displays due to the price alone and are finding they have made the wrong decision.

Now imagine the environment within a quick serve restaurant (QSR), you have to take into consideration the heat, dust, grease.

Why use professional grade displays?

Professional grade displays are manufactured to run 24 hours per day, compared to domestic displays that are manufactured to work only 4-7 hours per day. They are also designed to manage thermals and this prevents heat build up within the professional grade screen, these professional grade displays have a far superior operational time or usage time compared to a domestic display.

Professional grade displays against dust and grease

These units are manufactured to protect the internal circuits from any airborne particles, such as dust entering the display, also grease can build up in domestic displays but not in professional grade screens due tot he unique venting and cooling these units have. The front viewing window is a protective glass unit and has anti vandal protection as an industry standard, there is no protection on a home TV.

Professional grade displays & warranty

These professional grade displays come with a general 5 year warranty or 50,000 hours (equals 7.5 years!), compared to the 1 year warranty a home TV has, when a company uses a domestic unit in a commercial setting the warranty can be reduced to 3 months or void completely.

Controlling professional grade displays

professional grade displays

Most professional grade displays can lock the screen so staff and customers cannot mess with the controls, this cannot be done with a home TV, so anyone could bring a remote control in and start changing the settings – imagine what this would do for your advertising!

Mounting profession grade displays

Professional grade displays can be mounted in either landscape or portrait, so they can be used as a digital menu board or digital poster, unlike a home TV that can only work in landscape.

These are some of the pitfalls of using a home display instead of professional grade displays.

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