Top Ten Tips on Using Outdoor TV enclosure cases

By | November 13, 2013

Outdoor TV enclosure cases for your back yard

An outdoor TV enclosure case is a versatile and inexpensive way of being able to watch a television screen outdoors, yet it is securely fixed into place and can be left outside all year round.

Outdoor TV enclosure cases

Outdoor TV enclosure cases

1.External TV enclosures or outdoor TV enclosure cases…

are an added bonus for back yard activities, for both adults and children.  Just think of enjoying your hot tub with an entertaining film playing on a large screen; knowing it is waterproof.  Or the guys, watching their ball game outside with a chilled beer!  Or the children; playing virtual sports on the interactive TV screen, which is shielded from damage from a stray ball or a handset thrown in the direction.
2. LCD screens fitted with outdoor TV enclosure cases.  There are many types of screens and sizes, from thin bezel frames to huge 80” diameter screens and there is a protective housing unit to fit.


3. Many people think outdoor TV enclosure cases will spoil the look of the image on screen, but weighing up the consequences of a broken television – which would you rather have?  And there are so many more advantages, that they outweigh the disadvantages.


4. Positioning outdoor TV enclosure cases in a suitable location is purely a matter of taste; do you want in on the porch? in the back yard?,  near your hot tub? Do you want to leave it out all year?  The possibilities are numerous, with all eventualities covered.


5. Installing outdoor TV enclosure cases; how many times do you want to replace your screen?  Your household contents insurance may not cover a screen outdoors, unless it’s protected by a specific housing unit, which is weatherproof and vandal proof.  If it is not enclosed, the likelihood is that a chance thief, begrudging neighbor or a planned burglary will hit before long, leaving you with an expensive bill of either accepting the loss or replacing it.  Purchasing the outdoor TV enclosure cases is part of the whole package; TV screen, broadcasting provider, electrical installer and protective metal housing unit.


6. Why use steel for outdoor TV enclosure cases? Simply because it is a suitable vandal proof material.  Don’t be fooled by the moulded plastic covers which are in the market; they are not substantial enough to withstand a ball hitting the screen, as it too may smash.  Also the plastic can degrade in direct sunlight, which discolors and distorts the shape of the cover and any glued joints are weaker than welded steel.


7. Outdoor TV enclosure cases are designed to cope well with any variation of temperature, from the frozen lakes of Alaska to the arid deserts of Arizona; and everything in between.  A thermostatically controlled heater and cooling unit ensures the television screen is kept at the optimum temperature – not too hot and not too cold.  Hot air causes the screen to overheat, expand and the added problem of dust entering the delicate electronic workings cease it from working as does the snow or other wet conditions, which damage the electronics.  A replaceable filter is a barrier for dust and debris particles.


8. Access on the outdoor TV enclosure cases is via two security locks, which have specific keys. These are not the standard Cam locks which other models have; they are renowned anti theft locks.


9. Black is the most popular colour for outdoor TV enclosure cases as it is universally acceptable, blends well into the background and can be easily repaired if scratched, which is to be expected in a back yard, however the paint quality is of a very high standard.


10. So, while you are relaxing on your porch or in your back yard, outdoor TV enclosure cases are doing their job of protecting against damage; accidental or willful, theft and weather damage.

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