Top 5 Reasons why Higher Education Institutions Need Digital Signage

By | May 12, 2011

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20% of all US colleges already deployed digital signage projects throughout their campuses which only comes to prove the system’s usefulness in this environment. Experts claim that universities should improve their digital communication with the students who admit preferring digital media channels over non-digital sources of information (according to the Platt Retail Institute cited by

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After reading a few articles on the topic we’ve compiled the benefits of digital signage and the needs it addresses in the short list below.

1. All education institutions address a large audience, having to send the same message at exactly the same time to various locations across their campuses. With centrally controlled displays and a user friendly software campus information flow becomes easier, faster and more affordable. And until the publication is printed or the emails/texts read a dynamic screen would more instantly grab attention and get the message across.

2. Budget- control is a big challenge in today’s scheme of things. Digital signage companies producing both software and hardware have devised flexible solutions to suit various budgets. The ease of managing and installing modern digital signage systems allow educational institutions to focus on what really matters to them: education.

3. Crisis management. Coordinating thousands of students in the shortest time possible while preventing information distortions is something you can’t do using printed posters…But in few clicks one could calm panicked students and staff and prevent disasters from happening by disseminating the right message in a timely manner on screens throughout the campus.

4. Generate revenue. With fund- raising becoming a more and more challenging matter colleges/universities can complement the traditional financing sources by selling advertising space on their screens to organizations and companies relevant to students;

5. Go green. By reducing printing a HE institution is providing a tangible support to environmental projects and leverage public goodwill.

They say that enhancing your students’ experience is an easier thing to say than do. Not quite so. With the help of digital signage an institution can not only inform but also entertain and engage an audience at a level almost impossible to reach before.

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