Tips for Using Outdoor LCD Totem Solutions

By | October 21, 2013

Outdoor LCD Totem Solutions

So many questions are asked about the best use of outdoor digital signage, so this article will look at some suggestions for installing an outdoor LCD totem.

  • What is an outdoor LCD totem?
  • What size should the LCD totem be?
  • Is a dual sided totem an economical investment?
  • Where is the best location or setting for an outdoor LCD totem?
  • What can the expected RoI be on external digital signage?
  • Is an outdoor LCD totem susceptible to damage?

Deploying an outdoor LCD totem

An outdoor LCD totem is an all-in-one solution which incorporates a screen, media player, wireless connectivity and even speakers if required. The steel – often constructed from the hard wearing and weather resistant stainless steel, is a protective outer casing and holds all the electrical components within the frames. The screen is usually at the top of the totem and can be an interactive touch screen, which is ideal to use as a way-finding application. The height of an average totem stands taller than the average man (or woman), yet much of the screen; particularly the middle of it, is at eye level for most people. The outdoor LCD totem is especially suited to sporting venues, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels.

The virtues of a portrait flat panel enclosure

outdoor lcd totem

There are many benefits to using a portrait flat panel enclosure as the screen, in this configuration, enables information to be displayed clearly and often it is used to promote clothing, or make-up, which use the human figure. Landscape LCD panels are also available, but are less popular. A good use of a landscape unit would be for way-finding as the layout of a floor plan suits a wider screen.

Protection using a portrait LCD housing unit

As these totems are located outside, they are subject to weather, accidental or deliberate damage, so the screen and electronic components are set in a metal housing unit. Water cannot enter the unit, to damage the electrical parts, as the doors are securely locked and have a waterproof seal. Ventilation access has previously been a concern however with the clever design by DOOH Ltd, the excess heat can escape whilst the air vent is impenetrable by the public. All the cables and power supply is hidden from within the housing and then fed to the power point, via underground cables, so there are no health and safety issues to consider.

Make free standing branding work for you

This is cleverly displayed as an image, graphic or dynamic content on an outdoor display totem and is an individual brand portfolio for a product or service. A totem can be dedicated to one particular promoter for their own free standing branding, or can share the broadcasting between several commercials. This is an advantage to retail stores within a shopping mall where foot traffic is at its optimum for audience awareness of the advertisement(s). The outdoor LCD totem is a key stylish pieces of street furniture, which have a futuristic appearance, a practical solution and full access to travel, events and commercials; an all-in-one turnkey solution on today’s landscape.

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