Tips For Outdoor Projector Advertising

By | June 19, 2014

How to use outdoor projector advertising for your business.

Businesses are always thinking of how they can increase revenue, now using an outdoor projector for advertising they can. We will give tips on the best practices.

Many restaurant, bars and many other type of companies are looking to increase revenue and more are turning to using an outdoor projector for advertising purposes.

  • Make sure the area is partially covered or use a weatherproof projector enclosure
  • Ensure the wall that is being used to project on to is clean and ideally white
  • Is this going to be a permanent fixture or a temporary solution? Taken in every night?
  • If the projector is displaying the current 2014 World Cup, just before the break display an add on the wall with 2 for 1 drinks
  • Promote other, none competing businesses, taxis, etc

ROI for an outdoor projector solution.

The return could be as fast as 3 weeks, as the major cost is the projector but these can be picked up for less than $3K, an outdoor projector enclosure  may set you back $1.8K, installation costs around $500. So for $5,300 the system is in place, if you have 60 people watching a soccer match and drinking beer at $4 a glass, the average consumption is said to be 3 glasses, $4 x 3=$12 x 60 people = $700, if you repeated this 3 times per week for 3 weeks the hardware is paid for and the rest is profit!

If you want to install an outdoor projector, take a look here.


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