Tips For Floor Standing Digital Poster Display Success

By | July 25, 2013

Floor Standing Digital Poster Display.

It’s becoming more common to see a floor standing digital poster display used in theaters, airports and business establishments. To make yours stand out and be really useful to customers, you need to implement certain strategies and use the right hardware.

Floor Standing Digital Poster Display – Use the Latest Technologies

floor standing diigtal poster display

For your floor standing digital poster display to be effective it must be equipped with the necessary hardware and software such as network and / or USB media players, and, more importantly, touchscreen technology. By investing in the latest equipment your freestanding digital poster display will be in the perfect position to provide customized information quickly.

The size of your floor standing digital poster display must also be carefully considered, with 101 cm (40 inches) to 216 cm (85 inches) for indoor use, and the larger sizes reserved for outdoor venues. Of course the dimensions of your floorstanding digital poster display should be appropriate for the chosen venue, but a large screen will certainly help in driving home your point and promotions.

Because technology is steadily advancing and more and more people are using smartphones, it has become possible for a digital poster to use Bluetooth to offer various promotional services. With this kind of technology your floor standing digital poster display can reach anyone in the area with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone.

Floor Standing Digital Poster Display Tips

floor standing digital poster display

The appearance of your floor standing digital poster display is a vital ingredient for success, as it is one of the things that will draw people to it in the first place. Both freestanding and wall displays now have radius corners akin to popular tablet designs. Mimicking the appearance of these tablets is a good idea since customers know it well and are comfortable with it.

Of course for any floor standing digital poster display to work, the content must be carefully considered and placed in the proper context. If you own a restaurant you can use a floor display to showcase your latest menu offerings, but this function can be extended further. Using a smartphone and a network enabled floor standing sign, customers can use Facebook or a similar platform to vote for what they want on the menu, and you can also use this to reward those who participate with a discount coupon upon their next visit.

Innovation is another key to using floor standing digital poster display successfully, so your company should always be on the lookout for technologies and methods that can further improve customer interaction. 3D software is one such technology, as studies have shown that it can attract more people into viewing products and promos.

You can also use QR codes so your customers can see which codes have been clicked, telling them how many people have seen the advertisements and interacted with it. It’s also worth noting that the dual door floor standing digital poster display is becoming more popular particularly with outdoor signage, as they have the capability of displaying more content for customers.

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