Tips for Digital Signage In An Open Office

By | June 23, 2014

6 tips for digital signage success in an office location.

Businesses are turning to digital signage to promote their products to visitors and encourage staff to buy into the brand. Discover how easy it is to deploy dynamic advertising in an open office situation.

Booking room systems to online digital signage catalogs.

Indoor digital signage is so adaptable that it can be used for almost anything, with some tweaks. Now more and more business centers and using booking room systems these are wall or floor mounted digital signage solutions that are connected to a network, so when a company books a room, they use the company logo and name to notify visitors to the business center where their meeting is.

In open corporate offices, you will find free standing digital signs that are interactive, these enable anyone to see the companies online catalog of products, they can even check stock and see what the lead time is if necessary.

Green elements of a digital sign.

These units are produced form quality components that are as Eco-friendly as possible. One of the key parts is that the display can be set to only operate either when the office is open, or if the hardware is fitted with a movement detector will switch off after 2 or 3 minutes of inactive use. Reducing the companies electrical costs and carbon footprint. Then when the unit has come to it’s end of life, 89% of it’s components can be recycled!

Branding and promotions in the 21st Century.

Using technology is second nature to everyone, but now even more so with digital signage hardware. Brands can be built using electronic advertising hardware, and promotions for new and over stocked items can be promoted within seconds of the ads being created. Resulting in a quick product to market time, increased sales and increased profits for the brand.

For more details on this kind of solution, contact DOOH USA to discuss your requirements for your specific digital signage project.

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