The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

By | May 21, 2010

We all have are personal favourite meal, it may be barbeque or pasta, so to have your own personal ideal outdoor kitchen and these can come in one of the following forms.

Here there are two kinds of cooking, standard open BBQ (also called grilling) over hot coals and smoking using hardwoods such as Oak in a sealable unit. With a smoker you burn the timber and the smoker holds the hot smoke in the unit and basically any item can be used for a smoker from a hole in the ground to a gas canister with the top third cut off and then hinged to the main part. Smoking has been associated with the more cost effective cuts of meat that don’t actually barbeque well.

Pizza oven.
Then there is the outdoor pizza oven, these are being used in backyards for celebrities such as Jamie Oliver (TV chef), Madonna (pop queen) and Gwyneth Paltrow (actress), but don’t let the thought that a pizza oven is out of your price range, there are ones on the market that can take up to eight 12” pizzas at once, but to be honest, I would personally now want to try and juggle 8 friends dinner- knowing me I would burn them all!

So no matter if you like the barbeque or the pizza oven, your friends and family can gather and select their favourite ingredients and cook it then eat it together. But what is missing? A television would just make the outdoor living space complete, the easiest and most cost effective option is to put a standard TV display outside but you have to remember to bring it in every evening, or you can put the TV into a dedicated protective TV case also called an LCD enclosure, this would protect it from showers of rain and accidental contact when ball games are played in the backyard.

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