The Magic of An Outdoor Cinema

By | March 25, 2010

There is a certain magic about cinema in its own right. It doesn’t matter how big your Plasma TV or LCD screen is, cinema has to be big and projectors provide a picture that reproduces the cinema experience in the outdoors. Schools and caravan parks are amongst the most frequent customers, whilst the home market has yet to catch up. However there are some high profile customers, with large houses who have extensive exteriors in which to house these exciting Al Fresco cinema entertainment areas, getting the full benefit of an elaborate install. As outdoor cinema screens are becoming more popular, a number of alternative applications, like digital outdoor advertising, are being employed.

Not to be sexist, but the wife often favours the outdoor Back Yard cinema package as they see it less of a threat that that of LCD or giant plasma which dominates the interior of the home.

The light output of the projector is a serious factor in establishing the outside home cinema. An outdoor cinema projection system is more demanding than that of an indoor one due to the high illumination. This is because of the brightness of the night sky from street lights, car head lights and house lights, amongst others, particularly in cities where the concentration of light pollution is greatest. Using a projector rated at 2200 ANSI lumens is recommended.

Thanks to Blu-ray and HD DVD movies, factoring in a player will give extra ‘Wow’ to the already staggering ‘Wow factor’!

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