The Benefits of a Digital Signage Kiosk

By | January 13, 2015

2015 – The year of the digital signage kiosk.

A digital signage kiosk has many suitabilities; as street furniture, indoor DOOH advertising and many outdoor locations. One of the main reasons is its design and ability to be water tight, dust/dirt proof and of a high quality manufacture.

As we are very conscious about the worlds’ sustainability, factors including energy-saving and recyclable parts (after a long working life!) make the kiosk environmentally friendly, whilst still affordable and a great investment. The long life span can exceed the estimated 50000 hours, as tested by the manufacturers.

What makes up a digital signage kiosk?

Interactive digital signage kiosk

One key element is the LED back-light source, as opposed to the traditional CCFL, which increases the surface brightness of the screen around 4-5 times the brightness of conventional screens. The screens themselves, are sun-bright readable which allows the screen to be clearly seen whilst bright sunlight is shining directly onto the screen. This is also compatible to an indoor location, where the ambient lighting may be very dark, all whilst achieving the stated energy saving effect.

Environment protection for the digital signage kiosks means the screen can be left outdoors all year long, with no detriment to the screen or hardware inside – no water or moisture can penetrate and cause damage, dust can not settle in the computer parts of the hardware and despite the super slim appearance, the unit is ultra stable and therefore suitable for high traffic areas, like shopping malls, sporting venues and dirty city environments. With its adaptability to varying temperatures, a digital signage kiosk can be found in many outdoor locations up and down the United States – in a variety of states; from the far cold north tundras to the hot, dry southern deserts. The screen quality and stability of the hardware work to the optimum potential, producing bright colours and clear images.

Apart from a little maintenance every six months, like cleaning or replacing the air filter, the digital signage kiosk can be left to run, particularly if the content is to be downloaded over a wireless network. This diminishes any downtime too, as the integral parts are least likely to break down. Despite the easy of installing or dismantling, the electronic kiosk is a secure piece of equipment, with its high-security and anti-theft locks. The in-built speakers are protected too, from damage or vandalism, whilst giving a high quality audio. Typically a kiosk or totem is a 55” screen, which can be purchased as either a portrait or landscape orientation – depending on your requirements. As an additional function, a touch screen facility can be very beneficial, particularly if the kiosk is located in a busy area and acts as a wayfinding virtual guide.

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