Taxi Top Digital Signs -The Unusual Places Signage Is Located

By | February 9, 2010

With this state of the art advertising solution that has revolutionised the way the world advertises, we are seeing a trend where many corporations are investing heavily into digital signage, we will look at the standard and none standard locations they are deployed.

Hotels & Businesses.
When you go into a swanky hotel or the reception of a large business you are normally greeted with a pleasant receptionist, behind them is some sort of digital sign, this can range from the simple digital posters to complete interactive kiosks where you can book yourself in as a visitor, whilst the receptionist contacts the person you are visiting.

Gym & Sports Halls.
Then when you are working out at the gym, or attending a game at the weekend you will see all types of digital signage, from the massive screens above the pitch to smaller displays used for digital menu boards, proving that we are being sold to at every moment of the day.

Fuel Pump Advertising.
This is becoming a large market with the likes of Verizon buying gas station television companies up, so that they can have a large piece of the profit pie. We are even being sold to at the gas pump – good job, especially when it is near lunch, as you are likely to get the best meal deal possible.

Mobile Signage.
Well this can range from the understandable to the crazy, for example we have seen people wearing large (19”) displays on their back that are fed with content from an onboard media player, to us this looks and appears crazy, but it does capture attention! Then there is the tour buses with large LED signage panels of 3 metres x 1 metre displaying the locations the tour provides and the special rates, then there are the taxi cab toppers, also known as taxi cab enclosures, these are mounted to the taxi roof and provide digital advertising whilst the cab is carrying fairs to their destination.

LCD Enclosure Global are the world renowned manufacturer of digital signage enclosures that are used in fuel pump advertising, outdoor digital signage and now they have launched a taxi top digital signs for a complete turnkey solution.