Taxi Top Digital Advertising – What Next?

By | February 12, 2010

We have seen the breaking news of the iPad in the past few weeks now we see the next step in digital outdoor signage, this is taxi top digital advertising.

Digital outdoor signage is one of the worlds most effective ways to advertise your product and improve brand awareness, with this new technology there comes a price and with locations such as Times Square in New York charging a staggering $3 million per location, this market is massive. How can they charge so much, I hear you ask? Well think for a moment the amount of eyeballs that will see the signage, as New York and Times Square are one of the main landmarks and tourist attractions in America, nearly as much as the naked cowboy!

Businesses have been contemplating how to develop signage and now two companies are using them on the roof of taxis, with an amazing 50,000 taxi cabs alone in New York, this is a huge untapped market. Whilst the taxi cab companies go about heir day to day business, they will be earning an extra income from advertising agencies that are using their cabs as a vehicle (pardon the pun), to deliver advertising.

So keep your eyes peeled for the taxis with taxi cab digital advertising on their roof.

We have seen digital signage that incorporates users to upload their own content using their iPhone, this will only be enhanced with the new iPad, bringing more features that a content creator could think of in a product that can be held in the hand. This could be called the death of the laptop, or could it?

LCD Enclosure Global are the world renowned manufacturer of digital signage enclosures that are used in fuel pump advertising, outdoor digital signage and now they have launched a Taxi Top Digital Advertising for a complete turnkey solution.

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