Taxi Cab Digital Signage To Be The Next Big Thing

By | February 5, 2010

Digital signage or advertising, call it what you will, this has changed the way people shop, now using technology taxi cabs will be able to use digital signage inside as well as outside the cab whilst empty or carrying fares. So could taxi cab digital signage be the next big thing?

The main reason for this development is that like all new technology, once a system is proved to work it is pushed out to almost everyone, whilst it is in development people are watching the initial project with anticipation to see if it will be a success as they do not wish to invest in an industry that could lose money.

You may have seen the digital screens in the back of the cabs promoting local attractions from hotels to restaurants, well now with the use of a taxi cab enclosure, digital signage can now be placed on top of the taxi roof and create an income stream for the taxi company as well as ad agencies.

This type of taxi cab digital signage enclosure, is designed and manufactured to protect the internal electronics from the weather and potential theft, as the enclosure provides a secure micro environment for the hardware to work in a controlled environment.

This taxi cab topper could be the next best thing in the digital signage industry, as we have seen a huge increase in manufacturers offering outdoor TV cabinets, these are used as large outdoor billboards and can be tiled together to form a massive video wall on sides of buildings.

Like the Apple iPad this could be the next biggest thing for 2010, let us watch the development and see.

LCD Enclosure Global are the world renowned manufacturer of digital signage enclosures that are used in fuel pump advertising, outdoor digital signage and now they have launched a taxi top digital signs for a complete turnkey solution.