Taxi Cab digital signage is here

By | September 7, 2011

Taxi Cab digital signage is Now!

The world of advertising is without limits and this certainly includes a digital poster on top of a taxi cab. Imagine seeing one driving around Broadway, advertising the opening of a new musical or special offer for a restaurant. It would certainly be eye-catching and therefore giving the desired effect of advertising. Attracting customers needs to be highly visual in order to appeal to local companies sponsoring an advertisement. This is a niche and unique product and is prime to appeal to restaurant goers, theater patrons, clubbers and high street retailers.


The practicalities of mounting such a digital advertising poster are easily overcome by purchasing a unit from LCD Enclosure Global, who specialize in innovative advertising products. Any taxi company investing in such media advertising will be expecting a substantial return on investment as digital menu boards offer a pioneering form of advertising. Fleet operators can schedule a campaign to run concurrently within the group, or alternatively as an individual operation. Uploading the media content is also practical as most LCD displays are wireless; therefore can be updated via Bluetooth connectivity, from virtually anywhere in the world. Bluetooth also allows advertising companies to alert a customer to special offers, promotional products or freebies by pairing the mobile cell device to the taxi LCD display. This then sends a message to the consumer for him to qualify for such an offer. Alternatively, a USB device can be plugged directly into the unit to deliver or update the content. This enables the taxi company to host any number of adverts, bringing in an additional income in a difficult economic climate, whilst utilizing their assets (taxis). This also keeps the maintenance and down time costs at a minimum.

Taxi cab digital signage.

taxi cab digital signage


Either static or video images can be displayed, depending on the traffic situation, which is a consideration in a busy city, where foot traffic will be the focus of the advertising operation. Advertising content can be formatted to be location-based delivering appropriate advertising depending where the vehicle is driving, so advertisers can target precise locations and be attractive to the demographics of a certain area. Another plus point of taxi top LCD monitors is that it can be used for emergency information, i.e. a terrorist attack, or natural disaster. So next time you’re in a big city, imagine the yellow taxi cabs with animated and dynamic images on their roofs.

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