Taxi Cab Digital Signage and Mobile Digital Signage

By | January 5, 2010

Mobile digital signage no matter if it is a topper on a taxi cab or a fully mobile billboard truck, mobile signage is growing 90% faster than last year.

We are constantly asked for signage enclosures for projects were they are going to be used in mobile digital signage applications, the benefit of mobile signage say using a billboard truck (this is a truck that has special sun bright screens both sides of it) is that if you have a new branch of a bank opening, you can target that particular neighbourhood. If for example you have a regional event, the best option is to drive down the major roads in your target area and look for a traffic jam – sounds crazy right? Well not that crazy, because the slower the traffic the more the marketing message is read!

Tour Bus Sign.
We have been involved with a tour company that sold tours round Caribbean islands and on each side of the tour bus they had a 3 metre x 1 metre sun light readable display that was fully protect from the elements, the only problem we could see with some of the driving is damage from an accident.

Taxi Cab Topper.
With New York alone having in excess of 53,000 “for hire vehicles”, advertising on the roof of a taxi seems a very lucrative business, the enclosures that house the displays and media player are streamlined, so that they do not impact on the taxi’s performance or fuel consumption too much. They also store the complete solution for taxi cab toppers.


Truck Digital Sign.
How many times have you been behind a truck on the freeway? Me for one have been there too many times! But an entertaining solution that has been discussed with us and we are in discussion to deploy a 70” display on to the rear of a truck so that any vehicles behind it can see the display, then when the truck approaches an exit on the freeway, the software that also works with satellite navigation flashes an ad on to the display for example the “best steak restaurant in Denver – pull off here and follow…”

This is aimed at the likes of major players with the likes of Nike, McDonalds etc as there are over 10,000,000 (ten million) trucks on the road in any one day in America alone, so for companies with deep pockets, this is a solution that would pay off.

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