Taxi Cab Digital Signage – How It Works

By | February 3, 2010

With the success of digital signage, it is now creeping every where from airports, train stations and gas stations. Now let us discuss the options for digital signage for taxi cabs.

There are several options for taxi cab digital signage, they stem from screens built into the drivers and front passenger headrests, these run from internal memory cards that hold the content, these can be used to display local hotels, restaurants and even things to do during your stay. If the screens are interactive and linked to a form of GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), the passenger could theoretically enter their destination and see what restaurants or cinemas are near by, to get the most out of their stay.

Another solution is to install an internal larger display around 17”, that is mounted to the roof, this again is run from a memory card and easy to update the content. Now the price is rather cost effective for the above two options.

However there is another group of people who have realised that if you were to put an LCD screen on the roof of a taxi, this will certainly capture people’s attention, especially in the rush hour when the roads are gridlocked and more eye balls will see the content and the content has to deliver the “wow” factor, if it does the perfect solution has been created. One problem though – the weather!

Now one company has developed an outdoor enclosure that accommodates two displays back to back with a media player mounted in between them and can be mounted to either the roof rails or directly to the roof of the cab. The taxi cab enclosure offers protection from the rain, snow and direct sunlight. Once the signage hardware has been installed into the taxi cab digital signage enclosure, the side access doors are secured and the cab is ready to go about its business whilst raising a second revenue stream from advertisers.

The unit is cooled with a unique cooling plenum ensuring the digital signage hardware is kept at the perfect temperature, no matter what the external weather is. The taxi cab topper also offers protection from accidents, such as impact with birds, or worse still children through snow balls.

LCD Enclosure Global are the world renowned manufacturer of digital signage enclosures that are used in fuel pump advertising, outdoor digital signage and now they have launched a taxi top digital signs for a complete turnkey solution.