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Protect Using Anti Ligature Prison Cell TV Enclosures

Self harm prevention using anti ligature prison cell TV enclosures. Protect what – the detainee or the television set? Both of course. All over the world; every continent, every country, every state, has to address the issue of prisoners or detainees causing themselves deliberate self harm. Whether this is through depression, regret or other mental… Read More »

Weatherproof TV Cases

Cost Effective Weatherproof TV Cases Weatherproof TV cases are a way of preserving your investment for outdoor digital signage screens. Many screens are being utilized by ad companies to promote brand awareness within public places. Whilst these are versatile and innovative products, they are susceptible to damage from the elements as well as accidental or… Read More »

TV Enclosures for Jails – Our Duty of Care

TV Enclosures for Jails Installing TV enclosures for jails is one of the governor’s and staff’s responsibilities, to keep prisoners safe from harm.  In these days of litigation and finding any reason to sue one another, damage limitation is a practical and sensible solution.  Ok, so it may add an additional cost, but yet it is a… Read More »