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Plasma display enclosure used to attract passing trade for the Olympics

A plasma display enclosure is something that you would not associate with attracting passing trade into a company, yet many organizations that are on major transit routes for the London 2012 Olympics are investing in this type of solution.

How an LCD Enclosure Protects a Plasma Screen

Many facilities are protecting plasma screens with an LCD Enclosure from LCD Enclosure Global Ltd, who specialize in anti-vandal and anti-loop enclosures designed for maximum protection of the screen whilst safe guarding the vulnerable clients of a health institute.

LCD Enclosures – The all-weather LCD enclosure.

With the evolution of digital signage in the past 3 years, we have seen an increasing number of digital signage solutions being placed outdoors, this is due to the high demand in capturing the Out Of Home advertising audience, now the obvious problem is that a standard LCD or plasma display, were never designed to… Read More »

LCD Enclosures Global – Putting digtial signage in offices…

You have read about digital signage and even have seen one. On your way to work, while taing a ride in a taxi, and even while savoring your lunch – not once but even twice have you stop over a digital signage and even took time to finish one fast advertisement. One cannot even deny… Read More »

Digital Signage not just for displaying ads?

Digital out of home advertising (DOOH), is predominatly used in the advertising and marketing of company products and services. Now some businesses who are working smarter, rather than harder have decided to use digital signage to inform staff of stock levels, training aids and even to eliminate production issues, such as burnt drawings.  Now businesses… Read More »

UK’s #1 LCD enclosure manufacturer Goes Global.

We are the US arm of LCD Enclosures Global, from our location in New York State, this allows us to service our customer needs quickly and more efficiently than before, even though we have been winning many International contracts from America, Australia, Singapore, Europe and not forgetting the UK, where we are the UK’s leading… Read More »