Tablet Advertising Trends in 2013

By | June 17, 2013

Tablet Advertising.

As more and more people are using digital technology in their everyday lives, we find that tablet advertising trends are the future in promotional campaigns. Ad companies are at the cutting edge in the use of technology, so by engaging in a dynamic contextual endorsement of a product or service, utilizing a digital tablet device is certainly keeping up with the times.

Location based marketing makes the most of the potential customers in the vicinity, by broadcasting messages to electronic tablets, smart phones or other android devices, via the internet or Bluetooth. Being in a specific location will isolate particular promotions or discounts to that locality, therefore capturing the target audience, with the likelihood of potential customers actually making a purchase. An advertisement doesn’t need to be long or in depth – it’s the quality that counts, so even something similar to a money saving coupon, promotional scratch card to ‘win’ a low cost item or an SMS message with a promotional code for a percentage off the full retail price – and we all love a bargain!

Tablet advertising – targeting consumers.

Targeting a particular customer is easily identified when using location based advertising, as the demographics can be recognized by the pattern in which customers walk through the mall, which age range visits a particular store or even how customers pay; via a card payment or cash. All this information and data signals key trends and fashions, which appeal to ad companies who direct their campaigns towards these particular groups of people.

tablet advertising

People often stop, sit in a (branded) café and interact with their electronic tablet device, which enables tablet based marketing to be successful. Advertisements are streamed directly to the customer and in real-time, to maximize the effectiveness of the commercial. These electronic and digital tablets are very handy pieces of kit, as they are lightweight, fairly robust and just so convenient!, but it’s not just the youngsters who are carrying these gadgets, but older generations are too. Technology isn’t a scary thing of the future, but easily accessible to everyone. Businesses are aware of this and take advantage of the prospective customer, who may be in a demographic category or just fits the bill for a particular offer or promotion.

Whilst ‘on the go’, you may notice people’s cell/smart or mobile phones ringing with a text message – this is because they have accidentally triggered one of many mobile marketing strategies which influence the way people buy. Again offers and promotions are flaunted at a customer, inviting them to purchase a product in order to qualify for the discount being offered. These golden add-on sales are what makes or breaks the bottom line – and every penny counts.

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