Supporting Attractions for the Al Fresco Cinema

By | March 26, 2010

Looking at the range of outdoor cinema essentials, these are the combinations recommended:

  • Movie source – DVD player, computer, Blu-ray or HD DVD player
  • Projector – High brightness projector with built in speakers
  • Screen – Either an enormous wall (painted white), or a rolled up or inflatable screen


  • Movie source – DVD player, computer, Blu-ray or ND DVD player
  • Projector – High brightness
  • Amplifier and Speakers – either an amplifier and set of speakers or a set of speakers suitable specifically for the outdoors, with more impressive volume levels than those of a set built into a projector.
  • Screen – Large white painted wall, with a roll-up/pull down or inflatable screen.

There are so many ways to approach the outdoor cinema entertainment challenge. The first option is to start with a portable projector or media player, as it can be used indoors or out, taken on holiday or packed away when not in use. But on what will the movie be shown? There’s nothing to stop you getting out the paint brush and creating your own fixed screen in your back yard using a can of white paint, alternatively you could invest in a roll-up vinyl screen, either totally portable or located at a fixed point on your wall. Another option is the inflatable screen, once fully inflated; it creates a suitable all weather screen for your entertainment.

All you have to do now is choose your movie, invite your buddies and chill out in your own Back Yard Box Office! (Refreshments optional !!)

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