Suicide Resistant TV Enclosures By Proenc

By | May 31, 2022

Proenc’s suicide resistant TV enclosures are known for their quality coupled by the companies 3-year warranty which is the longest in the behavioral health sector. These reasons are the driving forces why US correctional facilities are purchasing their suicide resistant products.

During COVID Proenc maintained a constant supply to the key worker sector of protective TV cases.

In 2021 Proenc had supplied 781 enclosures, in 2022, Proenc have exceeded 2021’s number of enclosures supplied by April with a full order book and having to look at various shift patterns to maintain 24-hour manufacturing.

Proenc’s suicide resistant TV enclosures.

Are chosen for their unique design, with all 4 sides sloping, this reduces the possibility of a patient or inmate trying to loop material around the casing to self-harm. Proenc offer a massive range to provide protection to TVs from 17″ up to 85″.

Correctional facilities choose the Proenc suicide resistant TV enclosure due to the high security locks and the concealed hinges that mount the access door to the casing. Without the authorized key, access to inside is almost impossible.

Uses for Proenc’s suicide resistant enclosures.

As well as for patient protection and restricting access to the TV and TV mounting bracket, Proenc have designed a unit that also provides the same high level of security for electronic hardware, that is also deployed in these high-risk facilities.

This could for deploying remote patient monitoring hardware, or even inmate access control/RFID systems within a correctional facility.

suicide resistant tv enclosures

No matter what the use, Proenc has the solution. Partner with them and use their vast knowledge and experience to get a product that will last the duration of the project.

Medicare and the Joint Commission recommend the use of Proenc’s sucide resistant enclosures for patient safety. Once installed a Proenc enclosure is a set and forget solution. Due to the quality of the manufacturing.

If you or anyone of your team wish to discuss a project, please contact Proenc on the number below.

Proenc suicide resistant TV enclosures support number (862) 234-5981.