Suicide Resistant Sloped TV Enclosure – The most Cost Effective Solution

By | June 9, 2017

Budgeting for all the components necessary for psychiatric, correctional and healthcare facilities with a safe environment can be the difference between life and death, however one key factor is finding the most cost effective suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure on the market. Don’t be duped into saving a few bucks by purchasing the plastic covers; they are not what they make out to be. These are just covers – not fully enclosed steel enclosures and can not withstand an adults weight or vandalism which can be subjected to them.

ProEnc’s suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure.

Creating a sturdy, practical, functional and ligature resistant TV enclosure is paramount to the health and safety of every person included within the facility. Apart from being anti-vandal, it is also resistant to liquid and dust, which could be an every day scenario. As the sides; bottom and top are especially slopped by a specific degree to be the most optimal slope where material can not be looped around the TV set and act as a tourniquet – cutting off the airway and blood supply – a certain death if not found in time. People are desperate to avoid facing the punishment of their crimes or result of depression and will do anything to deflect it, even consider death! This is particularly relevant for metal health asylums, custodial buildings and even border control facilities.

What’s included in a ProEnc suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure.

suicide resistant sloped tv enclosure

Each enclosure comprises of a fully welded steel housing unit, high security locks, water proof door gasket and grommets. A thermostatically controlled heating and/or cooling unit can be fitted, if necessary – particularly if the TV screen is to be installed outdoors (as a wayfinding board for example). A substantial clear viewing window – the thickest in the industry, allows easy access via the locked door, but the key element to the success is the sloped sided design and rounded corners, providing safety within the patient care facility. The metal cases can be either stainless steel or mild steel and then powder coated for durability.

Looking around the internet there are some cheap plastic options; however you do get what you pay for… it is false economy to make a major investment into a number of plastic covers. These plastic units are made from a fragile and brittle plastic, which in turn break easily and can pose a number of health and safety issues from the dangers of shards of plastic. They are not designed to withstand the weight of a person, which has serious implications….a person can intent on self harming, however the weight brings down the plastic cover and TV screen, causing serious injury to the inmate – there is a law suit just waiting to happen…

It may seem a good idea to retrospectively fit a cover over an existing TV screen, but the quality is just not substantial enough to withstand some of the brutal vandalism inflicted upon it, in a mental health institute, also it is claimed they are not waterproof, which means water ingress with damage the electrical components of the television.

So, the most cost effective suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure is one which has Federal Approval, constructed from sheet metal, is fully welded with sloping sides and has an industry accepted clear viewing window, along with high security locks – is there really any comparison?

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