Street Furniture & Digital Advertising

By | April 17, 2013

Street Furniture solution using Digital Advertising

There are many different uses for the street furniture. Such as furniture which incorporates digital screen for advertising. One of the most contemporary uses of street furniture is for displaying advertising. There are many companies that are making use of digital advertisements because of the effectiveness of this mode of promotions. Some of the well known – high profile companies that have completely shifted from the traditional methods of billboard advertisements to the digital mode have been able to reap rich dividends.

The different kinds of street furniture that are commonly used include structures like bus shelters, screens in parks and other outdoor recreational areas used for a variety of different reasons. There are many advantages of these kinds of furniture being used by advertisers as the advertisements and promotions are able to reach thousands of people each day and this is able to provide good returns for the advertisers.

street furniture

The role of street furniture in digital advertising

1. Outdoor advertising using street furniture: Whilst indoor advertising is possible incorporated into furniture, outdoor advertisements are much more effective when the street furniture is used for this purpose. There are several uses and benefits that come out of this kind of advertising. The people who notice these digital signs will be able to access information that catches their eye. In more and more cities, there are further digital signs appearing on the furniture. This has helped people to learn more about the information that can be provided using these signs. Local governments of cities are using street furniture to provide information about the city to tourists. Other than tourists, local people also can get information about the various businesses, events, attractions and restaurants available to them in the city. So, it is a very useful method in which information can be passed on to a large number of people.

2. Using street furniture for digital advertising outdoors: Using street furniture for advertising is one of the methods in which companies are able to get direct information about their products to specific consumers. For example, outdoor advertisements may be focused on a footwear business. The advertisements will be able to provide marketing about the different models that are available, product information of materials that are used in the making of the footwear and other relevant information. Many of these digital signs are also interactive and this adds to the benefit of these advertisements and digital screens.

3. Protecting the street furniture: There are several methods in which this furniture can be protected. Many pieces of this furniture is protected by an elaborate system of alarms, as the main reason for this is that they are placed outdoors and can easily be burgled or vandalized. To prevent such damage from occurring to the digital signs, the companies that install the street furniture try to ensure that there is enough protection by installing protective housings, which also protect against weather damage: like rain or snow, or heat or the cold. Other than damages caused by humans or the weather there can also be various kinds of damages caused by urban animals in the area, like birds seeking shelter or rodents looking for food. Adequate steps need to be taken to prevent damages to the street furniture that is caused by humans, animals and weather conditions.

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