Stainless Steel LCD Enclosures

By | April 1, 2012

Stainless steel LCD enclosures.

Stainless steel LCD enclosures are not just for manufacturing plants, these allow digital signage to be used near marines and other corrosive environments.

Digital Signage is the most popular advertising methods that the results can be recorded and monitored to see how successful they are. These devices are installed in various public areas to advertize or providing some type of information alerts to the public or customers. The new advertising screens are getting more popular all over the world for its efficient performance. The digital signage screens are employed in both outdoor and indoor locations for advertising. The digital signage screens installed in open area need to withstand harsh climatic conditions, the sunlight causes more harm to the electronic device without proper protection such as an LCD enclosure or coverings. The protective LCD enclosure solutions protect the internal devices from any harm if it exposed to sunlight or heavy rainfall.

The advertising screens require proper care and protection for there safety and protection. Stainless steel LCD enclosures used to protect the gigantic screens from the rain and sunlight’s normally associated to marine or high salt environments such as on a beach. Protective LCD enclosures are very important for the digital signal to withstand various cleaning rules, such as being washed down with high pressure water jets. A stainless steel LCD enclosure includes various properties that make it perfect to use in harsh climatic conditions and potential hazards. The main advantage of LCD enclosures made from stainless steel is they have a high Chromium content in the steel that reduces corrosion and is perfect for hygienic applications.

Stainless steel LCD enclosures – protecting the screens.

When used for digital signage outdoors, stainless steel LCD enclosures are fitted with anti glare glass this ensures the displays with the ads on can be seen even in bright sunlight. The glass is toughened safety glass so it is resilient to physical attacks – even with baseball bats! Waterproof LCD enclosures are used in wet or rainfall environments, such as in factories when the production line is washed down or in countries where high rainfall is likely.

Grades for stainless steel LCD enclosures.

stainless steel LCD enclosures

This is one of the most important factors and getting this wrong can cause a lot of problems in the future. Firstly, stainless steel grade 304 has the same Chromium content as 316, however 316 is designed to resist mild bleaches and perfect for food processing plants, whilst 304 stainless steel is best suited on the beach or near a marina as this grade is ideal to cope with the high salt content that is present in the air.

The company is owned by time served manufacturing engineers who have served an apprenticeship working with stainless steel and fully understand when to make an LCD enclosure for a specific project, so if you need a solution for a marina or beach application call us on toll free 866-948-0859 to discuss our stainless steel LCD enclosures.