Sports Stadium Digital Signage

By | January 26, 2011

Sports stadium digital signage.

Outdoor digital signage also called Dooh is a prosperous business segment and no more so than in sports arenas. With the big increase of sporting stadiums including football, basketball, baseball and soccer venues using digital signage for a wide range of capabilities, this permits the sports organizers to make the vistors encounter a very memorable and positive one.

Because of the substantial advantages of stadium digital signage, is is achievable to offer real-time information and marketing media, using this technology puts the arena at a distinct benefit, as their network of digital signage monitors broadcasts the information to a captive audience.

Sports stadium digital signage.

Here are some of the uses for stadium digital signage is used for in a sports arena:

stadium digital signage

Scoreboard facts.

Giving you real-time facts on the state of play, making it possible for late arrivals at the sports stadium, as well as people in the rest room are up to speed with the game or match.

Upcoming games details.

Using stadium digital signage, it can display the future fixtures of matches or games as well as marketing lower priced ticket prices for loyal fans, this allows all spectators to have the first refusal of tickets for high profile matches.


A digital signage network can be used by third parties such as the stadiums QSR advertising their meal deals to hungry spectators, creating an extra sales stream for the events organizers or the stadium owners

One primary trouble in that owing to the open design and concrete construction of the stadium or arena they are not well suited for dynamic advertising. These locations are open to the weather conditions and the components used in digital signage will demand to be protected from these severe and inhospitable places.

This is why stadium owners are looking into the protective LCD enclosure that will offer a micro-climate, maintaining the dynamic marketing hardware safe from the external conditions. These units will store both the tv screen and the marketing player in one unit and the owners of the arena are not limited to a distinct brand of hardware, making it a more affordable solution.

Each protective enclosure comes with a regular VESA mount inside, so that all flat panel screens no matter if they are commercial or a home-based TV will fit into the case.

An LCD enclosure makes it possible for almost anyone from putting a plasma, LCD or even an LED back lit TV outdoors, they offer all the defense needed from the weather and have the ability of coping with temperatures in the range of -20 to 150 Fahrenheit.

Due to an LCD enclosure’s defensive properties, they are being fitted in stadiums throughout the world including the United States NFL and British Football League venues, as well as Canadian Ice hockey arenas.

LCD Enclosure Global provide their protective LCD enclosures to be used as sports stadium digital signage.