Social Signage is here!

By | September 3, 2013

What Is Social Signage?

Many of us are familiar with social media; particularly the well-known sites associated with celebrities, branded merchandise and other publicity icons, so incorporating social media with digital signage is a major platform for accessing segmented and specific sales target areas. This had been foreseen years ago, but only now is it developing into an agreeable form of advertising, harnessing into a market worth millions and millions of dollars – certainly not an opportunity to be missed.

Digital signage on social networks

social signage

Social signage Using Digital Signage Hardwae

Social networking has become part of our every day lives, where our life is virtually run via a computer, or other small hand held electronic device, which we rely on even more thank back in the day of the filofax! As we surf and scroll through messages from our friends and followers, there is the prospect to add a considerable amount of supplementary income by integrating advertisement campaigns, which almost subliminally are logged in our brains and influence our spending habits. Commercials have been popping-up on our computers, ATM’s and other electronic appliances, so why not add them on a more personal level? This effectively reaches millions of potential customers directly, targeting and harnessing a direct approach, so as not to waste effort or costs. The data involved is quite complex, but social media platforms are easily capable of incorporating the information, as technology is evolving at quite a rate.

Electronic advertising as you ‘tweet’

It is acceptable nowadays, to see electronic advertising and commercials selling the latest trends of perfume, apparel and desirable s – which make our lives complete, though it does leave us wanting more, so why not integrate it into our social networks? Brand perception becomes more acceptable as campaigns are directed specifically to a target audience, continually driving and encouraging the product – or even just the logo, into the face of the customer. By monitoring peoples actions, participation and conversations, advertisers have a direct avenue for data scrutinizing. There are many encouraging factors published by opinion polls, direct marketing and also considering the demographics, allows for a direct approach. Electronic advertising is an easy modern form of the traditional paper billboard or poster advertising, which is quick to alter, amend or modify, without loosing time. By monitoring people’s behaviors, it enables adverts to be focused directly to a specific audience, which influences business decisions, buying attitudes and spending power.

Social Signage on the go

As we go about our daily business – hand held device permanently attached to us, we are influenced by tailored advertisements, encouraging our buying power. Social media can be also linked to video wall displays which incorporate ‘social signage’, a term used where there is a link to platforms like; Twitter, and Facebook – usually by displaying the recognizable logo, onto retail digital signage within food outlets, shopping malls or other public display modules. This encourages the opportunity for additional revenue from existing sponsors and other revenue sources. Even though many of us use our smart phones whilst outside of the home – known as DOOH (Digital out of home), we also participate as we are at home. It is a separate medium from the more familiar television screen and actually more accessible and with instant results.

So as you go about your daily business with your cell phone, you will now be aware how advertisements are following you!

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