Social Media and Digital Signage for Restaurants

By | June 14, 2013

Social Media and Digital Signage for Restaurants success.

Can you remember going into a fast food joint before digital signage for restaurants was introduced? It wasn’t that long ago, but in those few short years, technology has advanced into a dynamic and state of the art customer enhancing experience – whatever did we do before it influenced our lives so much? Not only is digital signage for restaurants a practical solution for both the staff and the customer, but the novelty of its dynamic content, interactive screens and ability to know just what you want, in the form of a discount coupon – even before you did!, all adds up to a new form of entertainment.

digital signage for restaurants

Digital Signage for restaurants.

Digital signage for restaurants has been influencing customer’s behavior for around a decade now and has a proven track record of increased sales figures, as customers are guided, enticed and positively encouraged into making additional purchases, which of course is the whole point of the business making extra sales – those ‘add-on’ sales are golden to company profits, as they are usually low cost, high profit products or food items. The customer retention within a chain of restaurants is very important to sales figures, because the food outlet bases its profit accounts on returning customers. So what can a business do to encourage patrons to return? Well digital signage for restaurants has built-in content to attract new and frequent customers, one way is to offer discount coupons in the form of a code sent directly to a passing customer via a Bluetooth message, using ‘real-time’ data. How much does a cup of coffee cost (a loss) against the profit in an extra burger sold to the same customer? Again add-on sales are gained this way, by offering a coupon for additional fries to a single burger, increasing the profit from a low cost item. The customer feels empowered and that he has been ‘given’ a freebie, but in reality he has paid for it, but the persuasion of a Bluetooth coupon, or similar tablet based apps, has been profitable for the company.

Social media, particularly using Facebook, has encouraged people to frequent particular restaurants, as reviews and special offers all count towards influencing a person’s choice. This, in turn, will increase covers within a restaurant and improve the ultimate goal of increased profits. The more people through the door, the harder the waiting-on staff will find themselves working in order to keep up with demand of the extra seating required. I’m not sure if we’ll ever find ourselves being met by the manager at a well-know burger franchise, as the increase covers means we have to wait for a table – just imagine the scene!

So to sum up – to improve customer retention, technology is playing an important role in manipulating a customer to return to a particular restaurant, where he parts with his hard-earned dollar time and time again, rather than being free to choose any other food outlet – all competing for the business.

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