Sloped Top LCD TV Enclosures the psychiatric unit TV protector

By | August 29, 2013

Sloped Top LCD TV Enclosures – best protection.

The use of sloped top LCD TV enclosures has increased enormously in the past 24 months, due to psychiatric units realizing that they have a real need to protect their flat panel TVs. Why you may ask? Well, if the flat panel screen is damaged patients behave themselves on the broken TV as well use parts as a weapon on fellow patients and even on nursing staff.

Management within psychiatric units have realize that within the investment for comfort rooms for patients, psychiatric unit TV protection is necessary, otherwise the money will be with wasted if the flat panel TVs are not protected, this is why many consultants and architects involved with psychiatric unit building and development contacted one company to ask their advice on sloped top LCD TV enclosures.

Development of sloped top LCD TV enclosures.

sloped top LCD TV enclosures

The development of the sloped top LCD TV enclosure took over 18 months are working with consultants, architects and the U.S. Federal mental health department to come up with a solution that would protect both staff and patients as well as the hardware.

Patient care.

As a nation we have a duty of care and to protect the most vulnerable in our community, this can be veterans who are suffering post traumatic stress, too young children who have emotional issues.

We have to supply a safe and secure environment for them to come to terms with the issues they have and to educate them in how to deal with any future episodes.

History before sloped top LCD TV enclosures.

Before sloped top LCD TV enclosures we used, patients had to be monitored with nursing staff whilst watching TV, this was both a waste of nursing resources as well as providing a block for patients trying to build a positive environment. As the patients felt they were being watched all the time, resulting in little personal and mental growth for the individual.

The future for sloped top TV enclosures.

Now with the rapid deployment of sloped top LCD TV enclosures in psychiatric units, nursing staff is freed up allowing them to provide individual care rather than spread over several clients. Also the clients’ can build their own confidence on when you feel a situation is getting too much, they can go to a comfort room or watched the flat panel TV.

With funds being tight throughout the world for mental Health Care, sloped top LCD TV enclosures can be used to provide information and education to clients, at the same time freeing up nursing staff resources, which is a win win situation for any psychiatric facility.

What are sloped top LCD enclosures?

These are steel, fully enclosed housings the protect all flat panel TVs, the unit is lockable and the screen can be seen to have protective lexan viewing window. Used in general meeting and comfort room areas, these protect the hardware and most importantly the patients from harm.

We must not forget that these vulnerable people in our care need our help and we have to do anything we can to assist them.

DOOH USA produce protective housings for outdoor digital signage applications as as well TV protection in psychiatric units with their sloped top LCD TV enclosures.