Sloped Top LCD TV Enclosures – The Psychiatric Unit Choice For TV Protection

By | July 22, 2013

Sloped Top LCD TV Enclosures – 101.

Sloped top LCD TV enclosures are designed for optimal TV protection but in truth many of them are used in preventing self harm. While you may see this anti ligature enclosures used often in jails and other penitentiary facilities you will most likely also see them being used in psychiatric facilities. Psychiatric facilities require the same TV protection in jails and mostly for the very same reason.

The Importance of Sloped Top LCD TV Enclosures

sloped top LCD TV enclosures

Just because a criminal or someone deemed dangerous to society is placed in the care of a psychiatric facility doesn’t automatically mean they have lost their mind. Many psychiatric patients are seemingly normal until they get angry or if a bad memory flickers back in their consciousness and they try to fight back to subdue the negative thoughts. For the most part, they might act and behave like normal people until signs and effects of their mental problem arise. Some of them might cause harm unknowingly, damaging the TV unit as they flail around, trying to control themselves. Others might do something deliberate such as use a TV unit as a blunt weapon because they believe that other people in the facility are out to harm him or her. For this reason, you need sloped top LCD TV enclosures.

Sloped top LCD TV enclosures are designed not only for protecting TVs in correctional facilities but also to prevent someone from using the TV as a weapon against others or themselves. Just take the example given above: someone in the psychiatric unit could start hallucinating and would attempt to hurt themselves or even commit suicide. Without the TV enclosure they could break the LCD display and use the shards to slit their wrists or to stab someone passing by.

Sloped Top LCD TV Enclosures Design

Proper TV protection is crucial for the patients, for the medical staff, and of course for the TV. Sloped top LCD TV enclosures are designed in a sloped angle to prevent the enclosure from being used as a blunt weapon. It won’t have the same blunt force that a regular square box would have and it also means it will be harder to open.

The enclosure is often made from very thick but also very light metal sheets. This ensures that the patients won’t be able to break through and mess around with the TV. They won’t be able to smash it with the items they usually have in their rooms. The same goes for the glass shield protecting the display. This shield is made from very thick glass, similar to the thick layers found in bullet-proof glass. 3/8” glass shields are usually the thinnest you will find and the thickest, used for outdoor enclosures, usually use glass shields that are an inch thick.

Sloped top LCD TV enclosures aren’t expensive which is a great thing. You need proper TV protection in an environment such as that of a psychiatric unit. Why risk damaging the TV or risk people getting hurt when you can use sloped top LCD TV enclosures for optimal protection?

DOOH USA are the single organization to have US Federal approval for their sloped top LCD TV enclosures.