Sloped Top Anti Ligature TV Enclosure Discount Coupon

By | October 18, 2014

Sloped top anti ligature TV enclosure discounts.

Our unique patent pending design is the only true sloped top anti ligature TV enclosure, we are offering a discount coupon on selected sizes.

Different sloped top anti ligature TV enclosure.

There are 4 designs on the market, 1 is made from plastic that just falls apart, the other one has only a slope top so people can loop material around the behavioral unit TV housing and self harm, then there is our product that is sloping on all sides, so any material that is looped around, just slides off this has been developed with the US Federal Mental Health department and consultant architects over a period of 18 months.

sloped top anti ligature tv enclosure

We have our anti ligature TV enclosure solutions in stock and ready to ship, we can deliver them in less 5 working days, any where in the world!

What separates are sloped top anti ligature TV enclosure from the competition:

  • Made from solid steel
  • Viewing window is the thickest in the industry
  • The only product to have high security locks fitted
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Perfect depth – not too thin!

Our units have been deployed in psychiatric units, children’s behavioral units, correctional facilities and even jails. Our product range spans screen sizes 17″ up to and including 75″, providing a complete protective solution. The two main points around this solution, is to ensure the patients and offenders are free from self harming on the TV and that the TV display cannot be used as a weapon on fellow patients and prisoners.

When these units are too thin in depth, when anything hits the viewing window, they do not allow for the flex in the window and this touches the LCD screen and damages the crystals making the TV unwatchable, this is why our solution is the perfect depth and we have tested the flex in our viewing window.

We have a discount coupon currently available for our sloped top anti ligature TV enclosure, it’s below and mention the code NLOfferNov.anti ligature tv enclosure


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