Sizing outdoor projector enclosures correctly

By | June 9, 2017

ProEnc’s outdoor projector enclosures can be a shot in the dark for some, however when a customer has a specific tight space for an oversized projector there are some compromises to be made.

Oversized outdoor projector enclosures.

There is never such a thing as oversized projector enclosures, the reason being the more air around the projector the better for air circulation. As you can appreciate if you drastically reduce the space inside the projector enclosure around the projector, this will cause unacceptable heat build-up that will result in the projector bulb blowing and these can be expensive to replace. In some instances projectors have been known to cook themselves!

outdoor projector enclosures

Some misconceptions on size.

Some people see that they have a specific space, say for arguments sake 24” wide and the proposed projector is 22” wide, the requirement for a bespoke outdoor projector enclosure of 23” will not work as there is not sufficient space for air circulation. This can be a problem when the end client has already purchased an unsuitable (oversized) projector for the project!

The better solution would be to source a smaller size projector with the same ANSI Lumens as the proposed unit.

Getting the correct sized outdoor projector enclosures.

Getting the right outdoor projector enclosure is essential; otherwise the following issues will occur:

  • Overheating
  • Bulbs blowing constantly
  • Failed projector hardware

To eradicate these issues ProEnc use software to specify the correct size of enclosure, when a bespoke solution is required. This software takes into consideration the projectors heat output and how much heat has to be exhausted from the enclosure as well as replacing the hot air with clean, cool air.

Air conditioning for projector enclosures.

To use air conditioning or not is an important question, however if you are deploying a large expensive projector AC is essential.
ProEnc offer two types of AC cooling solutions, the first is Freon and the second is a non-Freon based solution. These air conditioning units are fitted the sealed outdoor enclosures for projectors and can be mounted to the side or rear of the enclosure.
The pricing is also affordable for the non-Freon from as little as $1200 depending on the size of the projector. With standard Freon air conditioning units coming in around $1499.

Perfect solution for outdoor projector enclosures .

The ideal solution is to fit the air conditioner to the enclosure at the time of the manufacturing process, yet unfortunately this is not always the case. As some clients due to circumstances outside their control do not go with the AC option, it can be retro-fitted later on site by the client.

This gives the added benefit of not having to invest initially in the AC unit, if no air conditioner is used any projector enclosure cooling system will draw ambient air into the enclosure and it may just be exhausted out of the enclosure depending on the internal temperature the enclosure is set at.

ProEnc have over 23 years manufacturing experience to the outdoor electronics industry, so contact them today on 862.234.5981 to discuss your outdoor projector enclosures.