Simple and Cost Effective USB Digital Signage

By | July 8, 2013

USB Digital Signage-101

There is no doubt that digital signage technology has taken advertising and information display to a whole new level but it gets even better now with the introduction of USB digital signage technology. This revolutionizes how digital signage technology can be taken since it now creates a path for any form of display to be utilized as a display kiosk. Here’s a basic look at how it works:

USB Digital Signage – How It Works.

Most indoor digital signage runs on a basic network – the kiosks are connected to a server computer where the admin can alter what is being displayed. The same cannot be said for outdoor digital advertising since these are usually stand-alone kiosks unless they are wired through a wide network the same way city street kiosks are. USB digital signage integrates both into a simple system.

This time you can connect to the network without a cable since the USB flash drive serves as both a mini-OS and as a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth device. Simply plug it into any display screen, such as an HDTV or computer screen, and it can turn it into a digital signage kiosk.

USB digital signage

USB Digital Signage – One Device Network

You can now use the USB digital signage device to connect an outdoor digital signage kiosk to the network via Wi-Fi. If you once had a kiosk outside the office space that had to be manually updated this will no longer be the case. With the USB device it can connect to the network using the same Wi-Fi connectivity that is abundant just about everywhere you go. It is that simple and convenient. All you have to do is plug it and it’s ready to go.

Also, you can consider it as a USB media signage player. As mentioned above these are small computers built with their own OS. Simply plug them into any display and the system will automatically run and you’ve turned the display into a fully functional digital signage kiosk. There’s no need to connect to a network or anything – just plug it in, access the software, and customize how you want the display to behave. This means you can choose what to display, when to display them, and how the displayed content alters, all run on a USB device.

USB Digital Signage – One for All

usb digital signage

When you put all that together you get a cost effective digital signage system. With a simple USB device you have complete control over any display, any kiosk, and any digital signage device you can utilize. Turn your tablet, LED screen, or even TV screen into a digital signage display for advertising and information display purposes.

It gets even better since there are new USB devices that can also connect to 3G networks. This makes connectivity a breeze especially for remote outdoor digital signage needs, where Wi-Fi might not be as stable as compared to indoor digital signage. So why worry when you can use USB digital signage to your advantage?

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