Security of LCD display enclosures.

By | January 30, 2013

Digital Signage Protection using LCD display enclosures.

Security is imperative if the advertising is to have any form of return on investment, if security is compromised the hardware could be stolen, broken or vandalized. This will reduce the return on investment and will add additional costs to the project, sometimes these additional extra costs can kill a project and within no time at all the project is shelved until the investors can address the issues they have encountered.

How many times have you been to train station and noticed the display broken with passenger information on it? Well, if you have been fortunate, the answer is none at all! Why? Because seeing this information is the main concern for the rail station, if passengers cannot find the platform their train is departing from they will miss it.

Why LCD display enclosures are so successful.

lcd display enclosures

The construction is the reason that these LCD display enclosures are so successful in preventing damage or theft of the hardware. The higher quality housings are made from steel that after welding all joints the housing is coated in a zinc oxide this prevents corrosion occurring on the surface of the steel should the top coat of paint be accidentally chipped off.

The viewing window that mounts to the access door is made from glass that is toughened for added resilience against attack. The door locks into the body, so the locks cannot be forced open unlike cam, compression or barrel locks. The door hinges on the body using concealed hinges, as any exposed hinges are likely to form a weak point in the design.

Mounting the enclosure is another concern, as most have VESA patterns on the rear, allowing the screen to be mounted on a tilting bracket or ceiling bracket. Yet anyone with the correct spanner or adjustable spanner can just loosen the bolts and walk away with the housing and all the hardware! So the only option here is to use specialist anti tamper bolts that are supplied with a unique fitting tool, so no one will have the correct tool but the installer.

Internal mounting bracket security.

To make this a more troublesome problem or a thief, we would recommend using a padlock on the mounting frame; this prevents them from removing the display as the securing hasps are difficult to access once the TV is fitted on the bracket. The more difficult we make accessing the hardware we have a greater chance of the thief going to a much softer target.

Some people will steal the displays and be ignorant to the fact that without a TV tuner the display cannot be used. Then when they realize that the display cannot be used to watch movies, the thief is likely to dispose of the display at the earliest convenience, this is when LCD display enclosures prevent this.

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