Safe From Harm – Issues for Childrens Detention Centers

By | August 18, 2014

Protection in children’s detention centers.

Whether it is an immigration detention center, a behavioral center or a mental health facility, one basic essential is a policy of ‘Safe from Harm’. There are so many reason for detaining children, for example their own safety, medical reasons or criminal activities but they are in care; the care of the staff at the facility, where their welfare could be one of a living or dying situation.

children's detention centers
Temper, depression and stress all contribute towards a volatile situation arising, which must be avoided, for threat to either staff of detainee. Most cases of injury or death have resulted from the furniture within the room – personal space or common room. It is not suggested everything should be permanently ‘nailed down’, more that items and object are our of harms reach. Toppling wardrobes and poorly positioned television sets are part of the statistics in the past. Fortunately this has changed to a great extent, because of legislation brought in by governments of many countries, who consider this to be of great national importance.

There are specialist companies who can supply dedicated styles of furniture for a safe environment for both adult and children’s detention centers. But it is also the little things like electrical cables and door handles to window latches, which again can be obstacles of intent to self harm. Most of us will have seen a TV program or film depicting a hanging from a prison cell window or ceiling light fitting, so whilst these areas are covered, simple things like making a weapon from a bed frame or creating a noose from a bed sheet are t be considered and avoided. Even though safety is the priority, style, colour and function are easily incorporated into a scheme. Children of all ages, through to youths would feel safer in a plain ergonomically designed area.

Children’s detention centers.

Most children’s detention centers would agree to children being allowed access to a television set during their stay, for entertainment or educational purposes. Some may say it is a privilege not a right, but the fact remains the safety aspect. By enclosing the television set within a security housing enclosure, protects not only the young person, but also the television screen. It is all too easy to smash the screen and use it as a weapon, but with the protection of a steel housing unit, there is still a clear view of the screen through a polycarbonate window, whilst all the electrical cables, connections and power supply are safely stored away. The particular design – which has Intellectual Property Rights (meaning it is one of a kind and can not be copied) has won favor with many respected architects, particularly in America. The sloping sides do not allow for any materials to be looped around the sides or top/bottom of the enclosure – preventing any attempt at hanging.

So, whilst planning children’s detention centers, for an upgrade or new facility, one of the most important aspects to consider is the enclosing of a television set, either in a bedroom or common room.

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