Ruggedized LCD Enclosure Is The Answer To Factory Protection

By | March 22, 2010

A Rugged LCD enclosure will protect TVs from damage in a manufacturing or production facility when used as plant information points.

In the past we have used notice boards, however to reflect a more forward thinking company, businesses are using the latest technologies, this is a situation when there is a cross over from the digital signage industry.

Not only are these information points used for staff training on the latest best production practices, they can also be used to give corporate information on major project and contracts won, new customers, stock prices and even feature employee of the month. Now there is also an underlying reason for use, this is to promote the companies product range, this also enforced the brand when ever any visitors arrive on site.

Types of production facilities and what type of ruggedized LCD enclosure would be used.

General Manufacturing.
This type of manufacturer ranges from the local engineering company to major manufacturers such as Rolls Royce who manufacture airplane engines. In this environment a flat panel screen would be very vulnerable from the hazards in the air, such as dust, carbon, glass particles, mist, acids and even coolants.

The problem with air borne particles is that they are small, sometimes too small to see but once particles start to build up on internal circuit boards, it will cause a short circuit and the screen can die, due to corrosion inside the TV set.

The solution – is to look for a product that is either IP56 (European Standard) or NEMA 4X (US standard), you can purchase IP56 television sets however the cost is extremely restrictive, the other option is to purchase a standard flat panel screen and a ruggedized LCD enclosure that offers IP56 protection. These rugged LCD enclosures are equipped with special cooling systems that also feature a filter, to ensure clean air enters into the enclosure, trapping the harmful particles in the filter.

Food Manufacturing.
This kind of manufacturing is quite different, as here water is present in high quantities, as all food manufacturers have to wash down the production areas every day, if not every shift. This is required to kill any germs and prevent bacteria build up. So here an IP65 (European standard) or NEMA 4X (US standard).

As you can imagine, if water got into a television set, it would certainly die, even if it wasn’t in direct contact with water, the vapour in the air would eventually damage the screen.

The solution – is to either purchase a waterproof television, again this option is very expensive, however an IP66 LCD enclosure is a more cost effective solution. The waterproof protection is there to protect the screen water ingress, so much so the ruggedized LCD enclosure can be washed down with a high pressure water jet and the screen remains perfectly safe form water ingress. A stainless steel LCD enclosure is manufactured from food quality stainless steel due to the constant contact with water and the stainless steels ability to resist corrosion.

Using a ruggedized LCD enclosure is the most cost effective solution it will certainly protect a TV in a factory.

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