Return on Investment (ROI) Using Digital Signage Devices

By | June 3, 2010

There are so many ways, opportunities and purposes to make and save capital expenditure and income in the world of Digital Signage.  Numerous research campaigns have proved Advertising = Revenue, so using this in appropriate locations, for example, a retail point of sale (POP) or in a hotel lobby, promoting a product or service.  This shows the world of digital on-screen messaging has a valid and profitable position in the workplace.

This innovative way of using new technology, not only bring in financial rewards, but in other industries provides an invaluable information system.  This is immense in such industries as Health Care, where patient facing devices allow the patient options like privacy, direct access to their records, updating personal information, whilst minimising staff participation, as their time may be spent better in another capacity.  These devices can be set out in a simple flow chart system, empowering the patient and even in moments of stress are easy and accurate to follow, enabling the medical staff to carry out treatment and procedures effectively.  Advertising can also be incorporated, proving much needed revenue by pharmaceutical companies – we all accept as the norm, advertising on our computer screens, so this is nothing distracting, but can be highly lucrative.

These way-finding signage devices are very helpful for the public as they enter a huge formidable building, trying to pinpoint a particular department, possibly in an anxious state.  The simple, yet effective layout of a route on an interactive touch screen, is reassuring as the chosen route can be picked up again just along the corridor (depending how the establishment choose to set it out – in numerous possibilities, including wireless connections).  Advertising on these menu boards (yet another phrase used for digital signage!) can bring in a return on investment (ROI), when not in use for a particular operation, adverts can be running continuously, proving any number of different companies and their products or services – compare that to a static bill board.

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