Restaurants & Digital Menu Boards – Part 3.

By | August 28, 2009

We briefly touched upon content creation using images and video, by creating a simple slideshow to promote the menu items, using the digital menu board to drive the brand of the restaurant.

Due to all businesses having different challenges and key business objectives you have to decide in advance what your content is going to say about your company. If the key objective is to promote the high profit items pictures or video footage needs to be integrated into the playlist. The content may also be non business related, for example weather based, if it is hot outside, promote a cool drink to cool people off.

Visual perception is one of the main buying influencers around, if you are hungry and see an image of a juicy burger I’m sure you will want it. Now here is your opportunity to use it in your digital menu boards.

It is a know fact that psychologically fonts form an impact some work encouraging us to buy some don’t. Large rounded fonts have been proven to increase sales, due firstly to them being seen and secondly to them appearing friendly to potential customers.

We all know that adding a video ads impact, this distracts from the static page. And if you can capture the attention of someone you have a good chance of selling to them.

Attention can be captured in numerous ways from motion on the display, colour changes, etc.

When creating content for the digital signs, you have to decide how you intend on capturing the audience’s attention, just bear the above points in mind.

Hopefully LCD Enclosures Global have tried to explain how digital menu boards are being used.