Restaurant Digital Signage solutions

By | March 1, 2012

Restaurant digital signage.

QSR’s or Quick Serve Restaurant digital signage is being used my many establishments due to the cost effective nature and fast return on investment of the restaurant digital signage.

What is restaurant digital signage?

restaurant digital signage

We will have all seen it and used it at some point, when you go into a quick serve or fast food restaurant, you will notice the boards above the checkouts with the menu items displayed on them, now many restaurants are using some form of digital signage to encourage customers into their establishment and then return sometime in the future.

Restaurant digital signage used a variety of hardware solutions, but in essence the menu for the restaurant is displayed on a HD LCD display, this gives the customer a clear indication of the pizza, or burger before they get it, the display will have a clear image of the item with a brief description along with the calories within the item and of course the price.

Types of restaurant digital signage.

The first one to think of is the digital menu board, this has a built in media player into the rear of the screen and the content is stored on an internal memory card, content updates are done by swapping out the memory card for one with fresh content, or by inserting a Flash drive into the USB port on the media player and then following the on-screen prompts to load the new content. Once completed the screen informs the operator to remove the Flash drive and the screen reboots with the new content.

The second version is a networked digital menu board, this is almost identical to the above unit, with one major exception and that is the content can be updated from any where providing internet access is available, this can either be wireless or hard wired.

The third option is to have an outdoor digital menu board and these are normally in the form of a protective enclosure with the hardware inside in a temperature controlled environment, these are perfect for “drive through” applications.

Both the network digital menu board and the outdoor digital menu board enclosure is controlled remotely, making them more appealing to chains of QSR’s rather than individual outlets.

All these restaurant digital signage solutions work and work well in informing customers of the regular menu and updating them on daily specials that are using local produce, this makes the meal more cost effective whilst boosting profits for the QSR.

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